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Hey hey Soul-preneurs! 

I know you're ready for a shift and it's time for drastic change in the way you're managing your business.  I also know your a passionate, soul-preneur looking for deeper guidance, crystal clarity, and spiritual support during these troubling times. Whether you are the CEO of your own company or you're starting out, this program was designed for you. 

Does this sound like you? 

  • You're a multi-passionate woman and you can't seem to focus on one idea or venture - instead you're rushing around "doing" and nothing gets completed or polished off

  • You're so afraid to be seen and heard that your business is suffering from lack of sales

  • Your struggling to find your "niche" despite all the books and hiring different coaches

  • You never have time for yourself and are forced to work endless hours to the point of burnout

  • Your love of all things spiritual is on the back burner because if you shared that with your clientele - they would run for the hills

I know that your business is a direct extension of who you are, it is not separate. The time has come to merge your Spiritual Truth with the Executive Boss you are. 

What is your business trying to tell you?




Master Your Energy + You'll 

Manifest Miracles

The Spiritual Business Blueprint program is the first online training program of it's kind. It blends intuitive training with practical action to support your business. 


During this program, you will fundamentally begin to know yourself like never before. Understanding how to utilize your own energy to get results and make decisions with crystal clarity. Divine exploration, energetic upgrades and personal trust in your gifts are the foundation to the success in this program. 

Some of what we will accomplish - 

  • Releasing old negative programming through lifetimes

  • Connect with your inner Feminine and Masculine 

  • Meet and learn about your business's spiritual Guides/Angels

  • Work with your Energy to master the art of giving and receiving 

  • Trust our own inner voice and visions to make decisions with confidence


This is some of what we will cover over our eight weeks together. This journey is one of great mystery and great magic! Aren't you ready to do business from a powerful place of knowing, not following? 





Course Breakdown & What You'll Learn


  • Become one with your most prominent intuitive gifts

  • Tap into your place of power & inner knowing anywhere 

  • Re-discover your souls purpose on the planet

  • Learn how to energetically read your clients and staff to make empowered decisions for hiring & collaborating

  • Understand the benefits of a calm mind and an active body for creating abundance

  • Be guided to your own sacred space within


  • How to clear & cleanse your energy before & after meetings, interviews and more

  • Spread positivity through loving intentions 

  • Learn how you alone impact the planet through your purpose

  • Create your own sacred altar to empower your daily life & business

  • Balance and connect to your inner Masculine & Feminine 

  • Experience honest feedback & support from a group of like minded business women


  • Fall in love with yourself & watch your business grow

  • Step away from self-imposed limitations and connect with your inner Queen

  • Radically accept new ideas and constructs that show themselves

  • Make decisions for your business with clarity & confidence

  • Explore what makes you a unique Spiritual Goddess & blend it with your branding

  • Release negative patterns and programming to get "unstuck"

  • Become inspired by your new found sense of self




Become A Participant And Recieve...

  • Increased awareness of  your intuitive skills 

  • Utilize your Sacred Space to connect with your executive self

  • One of a kind teachings with live meditations and spiritual guidance

  • Accelerated manifestation and income can be increased during our time together

  • Six weeks of group teachings through Zoom with a group of like minded business women

  • Can't make it? No sweat, you will also receive class recordings each week to have forever

  • Develop and learn what is right for you and your business and how to say no with ease

  • Real and honest feedback about any ideas and inspiration you download regarding your business

  • Upon completion of this course, you will have your own Spiritual Business Blueprint as a foundation to grow your income, clientele and assist in all of your future business ventures

This program is non-denominational and welcomes anyone ready to blend their own spirituality into their business. You do not have to be in the spiritual industry or have psychic, intuitive abilities. 


A Letter From Your Business Guide

I have worked with everyone from Olympic coaches, cult survivors, ex-military and psychiatric nurses. And the one thing they all had in common was, a desire to connect deeply with their personal power.


As I was helping my clients through their negative programming, energetic blocks, and crippling fear - I started to attract more women in business. I was building my own business online, moving from having a healing centre to becoming an international coach.  

I was spending thousands on coaches to tell me the right way to grow my business and how to make more money. I would download all the free content I could to "make more"  and "attract that" only to be dissapointed and overwhelmed. 


A pattern emerged and I realized that there is no "one size fits all" for anyone and a lot of the answers I was seeking were coming from inside of me.  


At the time, all the business coaches I was attracting weren't guiding me to truly connect with my intuition or run my business from a place of deeper knowing. They were walking me through what worked for them and it didn't always align with my own energy.

Then I had a profound guided message that this way of doing business would become the "old" way. It was time to move into a new paradigm. It was time to un-learn the negative programming and fears that kept us in the hamster wheel of commerce and embrace a new way of operating. 

That new place of operating was to be an individual spiritual path  created from a place of personal awareness, Divine wisdom, and energetic frequency. We no longer could operate from a place of "lack" and now is the time to lead from our heart centered space of power. 

I created the Spiritual Business Blueprint and it allowed me to energetically appreciate my gifts and attract the right people to work with. Now I am excited to offer it you you! 

Your spiritual gifts are your trademark and they are a part of you. Once you give them room to grow and space to breathe, your own Spiritual Blueprint will unfold allowing you to create a more meaningful and abundant life and business. 

I have designed this program to save you time and money while stepping into your greater purpose on the planet. If it is your mission to serve and to make a difference in the world, then join me in designing a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you desire.

You have nothing to lose and so much of yourself to gain! 


Got questions? Or can't find what you’re looking for?

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