I knew from a young age that I could understand things other people just didn’t seem to see. This ability only expanded as I got older and was coupled by a sort of unspoken invitation that people share themselves openly with me. They’d just feel comfortable. I’d be sitting on a bus and suddenly the person next to me is telling me their—often traumatic—life story.

I’ve always been empathetic and in tune with people, animals, and the earth’s emotions. That frequency of feeling is very powerful and was terrifying when I was young. I see now that our emotions are a pathway of healing. As people would share with me, I somehow knew how to mirror back to them what they needed. Healing journeys begin when we awaken to the need of change. My own journey took me through some pretty dark places and I wasn't always sure of myself. I had to confront my own trauma and abuse and process all the shit I had been through.

This isn’t an easy path to take, but if you’re here then you already know just how valuable it is and how much our world needs the strength it takes to be vulnerable.  Finding the pathway through my pain showed me how to assist my clients to make their own roadmap to truth. Through my intuition, I am able to connect within you on a soul level. You come away with powerful tools that assist in all areas of your life. 


Energy Work 




Therese Nadeau is an International Intuitive,
Authenticity Coach and Spiritual Mentor. She draws on her innate abilities to tune into the heart truths of her clients, lovingly advising them on the path of self-discovery and self-mastery.

Therese is a spiritual scholar and life coach with a
background in energetic healing as a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Past Life Regressionist and Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading Master Teacher, Access Bars practitioner and much more.

Therese is called to help her clients re-connect to their soul's purpose and trust their intuitive guidance while embracing living a life of unapologetic AWEthenticity! 


Being a dynamic and natural motivator, her clients embrace change, take risks and step into their divine wisdom and potential. 


You are enough.

You have access to all you desire.

You can create a life and business you're passionate about. 

You can be your authentic self and still be loved and accepted. 


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