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For those ready to shed layers of past conditioning and negative programming. No matter the situation or personal matter, I have a large selection of tools to release, invoke and empower you. Discover the grace and comfort you receive when you tune into your own powerful Divine guidance. 


Offering group programs to grow your business as a spiritual practice and tap into your Divine Power. Whether you are wanting to be more in tune with your gifts or create a second income, I offer you the opportunity to be guided from within. Passion, Power and Purpose are yours to embody! 


Join us internationally live every month to discuss topics that effect us  in a loving and non judgmental space. Connect with other women, ask questions and come as you are!  No topic is too taboo and we like to keep it that way! 


Welcome, beautiful! 

I am Therese Nadeau and I am so excited you landed here! Because, let's face it, we have a lot in common. 

Maybe you can relate - 

You're a self-aware woman who has her shit together...but knows there is something holding you back from breaking down that next barrier. You just can't quite put your finger on what it is...


You're a leader, a guide and have success in many areas of your life - yet you feel drained, experience anxiety and self-doubt.


You've got big plans and know the world is ready to receive all of your genius. You've been wanting someone who gets it - someone to help you progress and provide guidance to unleash the magic that is you on your next steps.  


You just need a hand in getting there.

That's where I step in.  

I’m an evaluator. I can intuitively understand what areas to give you assistance to achieve the biggest transformations.

I’m a master of the emotional body. I see the emotional energy you carry and help you discover how to use it to find your truth.

I’m awethentic. What you see is what you get.

I’m a human mirror. I reflect back to you the shadow work that needs to be done—where you need to go to grow.

I’m an amplifier. Work with me to amplify and create more of what you need and want. 

I’m an empowerment facilitator. You’ll come away from our work as your own guide. Your own master of your energy!

Ready? Let’s do this!



Celestial Sister


January 13th @ 6 pm PST

This month we discuss and open up about Compassion. 

Got questions? Or can't find what you’re looking for?

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